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Use these tools to help spread the word about Banned Books Week!

Copyright notice: These images and downloadables are free to use for non-monetized, promotional purposes in support of Banned Books Week. Images cannot be used for fundraising or salable merchandise.

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Free Artwork from the American Library Association

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Please use the following tagline when using the image: "Artwork courtesy of the American Library Association."

Other promotional materials, including yearly lists of challenged and/or banned books and an infographic with information about 2016 book challenges is available on the ALA website or the ALA Store.

Downloable Posters and Shelf Talkers from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Feel free to use the following in your Banned Books Week displays and to advertise your events celebrating the freedom to read! Click on the links below to download high-res versions of each:

CBLDF is also delighted to offer shelf talkers for stores, libraries, and classrooms! Featuring “Fighting Words” about censorship from some of the biggest names in comics, you can use these shelf talkers to call attention to banned books, as part of your Banned Books Week displays, on bulletin boards, and more! Featuring quotes from Neil Gaiman, Jeff Smith, Marjane Satrapi, Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Alison Bechdel, and Ariel Schrag, this who’s who of challenged creators will inspire your Banned Books Week celebration!