Banned Books Week: Our right to read, September 24-30, 2017

For Publishers

Association of American Publishers (AAP), a co-sponsor of Banned Books Week, provides advocacy and communications on behalf of the publishing industry. AAP protects and enhances intellectual freedom and the rights of free expression guaranteed by the First Amendment as they pertain to American publishers via its Freedom to Read committee. AAP also promotes the freedom of written communication worldwide via its International Freedom to Publish Committee.

What Can Publishers Do?

  • Use this year’s AAP Freedom to Read Ads* on your website, in email blasts and on print materials.
  • Share your Banned Books Week plans through AAP.*
  • Determine which books on your backlist have been banned or challenged. Check out this list of banned and challenged books, filterable by publisher.
  • Feature banned and challenged books online and create a discussion guide.
  • Share Banned Books Week resources with your digital marketing and social media experts to create campaigns on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Support Banned Books Week through your company Twitter feeds using official hashtag #bannedbooksweek.
  • Share Banned Books Week resources with school and library marketing staff.
  • Offer discounts and/or create materials for BBW tables and library community bulleting boards.
  • Determine which of your authors actively speak out about censorship and cross-promote their efforts and/or build resources/campaigns around those authors and their books.
  • Set up Banned Books Week readings at independent bookstores and libraries with banned authors and authors who are willing to speak about censorship.
  • Link to the Banned Books Week website.

*Contact Marisa Bluestone at AAP for details and assistance: 202-423-9975.